Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why I Keep Bringing Up Ferguson and Annoying Everyone

Because it's a horrifying miscarriage of justice and just a small example of racial inequality and police brutality IN 2014. NOT 1965, 2014.

Because as a white woman,  if I'm wearing a hoodie and have my hands in my pockets, people just assume I am lazy and didn't shower that day (they would be right) and not that I have stolen something and/or are carrying a gun.

Because it's somehow ok for white people to own guns, 2nd amendment ya'll! But black people who own guns are obviously criminals.

Because self segregation still exists in most of the United States.

Because I live in a conservative area of California and I'm tired of hearing about how the people of Ferguson SHOULD respond to an obviously wrong grand jury decision. Yes, there should be personal responsibility. Yes, it would be better if people came together and supported and built up their communities. Because peaceful protest SHOULD WORK and sometimes it doesn't.  People get pissed. People make bad decisions. This doesn't negate the fact that an unarmed member of the community was following police instruction and was brutally murdered by an officer who took an oath to protect and serve. That, my friends, is still a fact... no many how much looting and burning occurs.

Because in the United States every citizen is innocent until PROVEN guilty. That is a unique facet of our justice system and a constitutional right that sets us apart. You know when that doesn't matter? When the person proven innocent or guilty is already dead.

Because Trayvon Martin was only 4 years older than my son when he was shot and killed for No. Fucking.  Reason.

Because.  Just,  because.

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