Thursday, January 16, 2014

Writing Your Dreams

Ozzie had a really bad dream last night. The kind that wakes you up in terror, sweaty & shaking.  I sat with him,  holding his hand until he went back to sleep... and the dream came again.  And then it came again when he tried to take a nap later.

He's had a heavy heart the past week or so. He is acutely aware of what was happening this time last year and he is dreading his birthday,  which is just 3 says before his dad died.

We talked about his feelings and memories... the helplessness and terror he felt watching his beloved daddy slip away. How cheated he feels. How it just isn't fair.

But talking it out-while essential- just hasn't been enough to give his dreaming brain a rest. So, I thought we could try something different.

We went through the aspects of the dream, but we replaced each negative, scary thought with something positive.  Being chased in a dark room became a walk in the forest, enjoying the sights and sounds. A skeletal Jason collapsing in a heap became a healthy Jason, opening up his arms for a big hug and surrounded by light.

I had him close his eyes and take slow, deep breathes as we went over the new dream together. He is keeping it under his pillow in case he needs to find himself in that safe place again.  So far, it's working.

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